Chris Lee, a native New Yorker was has covered quite a fair amount of ground in his time. He’s worked as a photographer, an automotive technician, an audio engineer, a commercial construction estimator and a home inspector to name a few. All of those things have always taken 2nd place to his first real profession. Building/modifying and flipping for a buck.  His early childhood hustle included buying beat up BMX bikes, upgrading them and selling them to fund his own BMX obsession. 

His early memories of messing with cars date back to his childhood and his grandfather. He taught Chris the basics of automotive repair and carpentry,  but more importantly, the mindset of fixing instead of replacing. He can remember in detail the feeling of pride in the 80’s when his grandfather would finally finish a car that he had been sourcing parts for. It was always a motivator for Chris.

Throughout his years he developed other skills whether it was for enjoyment, or the need to support his family. One thing he always did was find a way to monetize whatever he did. When he bought a camera, he taught himself photography and made a living with it, when he bought equipment to make music, he learned engineering and used it to pay for itself. Cars were no different.  

Chris has many different completed projects under his belt.  From voiceover work for large corporations to one-off commissioned art pieces. His most recent and more notable project is Blasfamous: a 1949 Ford pickup truck that was ground up built by hand, by Chris. With multiple magazine placements and other features, Chris has shown that there is no limit to what he can do. And clearly we have only seen a tiny bit of his capabilities.  

Words to live by: “When all else fails, work harder” –Chris Lee