***UPDATE 5-2-16***

This weekend we fired up the engine! As of now, pretty much all the fabrication is completed, the wiring is being started, then comes fuel and brake lines. A little detail work here and there and we'll tear it down for final welds and clean up...then its GO TIME! Please check out some of the new images in the gallery. Also, if you're on Instagram, please follow the build @blasfamous_1jz

***UPDATE 3-8-16***

Almost there folks. Most of the major fabrication is done. Most of the main parts are waiting to be installed. Its all come down to time...

This is Blasfamous. A ground up, hand-fabricated, turbocharged bucket of fun. The project is based off of the rat rod/hot rod themed cars of the 40's. If you look around, you'll see that to this day, these types of builds are still taking place in garages, backyards and shops all around. But this one is a little different. Blasfamous' form comes from a 1949 Ford F3. Powering the "Ford" is Toyota 1JZ, paired up with a Nissan transmission, a Ford 9" rear out of a Bronco...and that's just the drive train. There are a couple of other parts plucked from cars of the 30's, 40's even the 90's. Everything else for the most part is hand made by Chris Lee. Basically, he created all the parts that hold the whole truck together. For a full understanding of how much work this is, let the pictures tell you he full story. This build is.. ***I removed this whole part because both the budget and timeline are blown to shreds lol***. Below are the links to the galleries that contain all the build photos taken since the very first day. Enjoy.